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Trend Research blends insights, strategy, and intuition


“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.Albert Camus

What is Trend Research? 

Trend Research, also known as Trend Forecasting, is the process of identifying, anticipating, and understanding the upcoming socio-cultural and behavioral shifts that will shape tomorrow's reality and allow new ideas and opportunities to come through.

Examples of current shifts that will impact the future:

  • decentralized organizations

  • phygital identities

  • urban exodus

  • the emergence of Gen Alpha

  • spirituality 3.0

  • climate migration

  • essentialist mindset


Why Invest in Trend Research?


By integrating Trend Research into your brand’s ecosystem, you will be adding another ingredient into the mix required to thrive.


You will be able to more effectively answer people’s needs and expectations, and connect better with your teams while communicating your own innovative identity more clearly.

Trend Research is a great asset to:


  • future-proof a vision or support a decision

  • map opportunities with great potential

  • challenge conventional ways of thinking

  • create a desirable and impactful future

  • amplify an innovative spirit

When/Where can Trend Research be used?

Trend Research is an incredibly versatile tool and can apply to a wide variety of situations.

  • Planning to launch a new product, category, or service?

  • Looking to support the R&D department?

  • Eager to develop effective business strategies—from vision through implementation?

  • Wondering how to create new experiences in PR, marketing, storytelling, internal communication, or packaging? 

  • Need to understand a specific community?

  • Considering entering a new market?

  • Keen to gather knowledge on a particular topic?

  • Ready to invest in promising start-ups?

I can help you with all of the above. Get in touch!

Trend Research at a Glance

A diagram explaining how trend research works
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