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These are my favorite tools to delve into the future(s):




  • In-depth Interviews: Over the last ten years, I have built a trustworthy network of experts worldwide. I have conducted over 300 comprehensive interviews with experts from diverse backgrounds, including sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, scientists, journalists, artists, entrepreneurs, and holistic practitioners.


  • Zeitgeist Scanning: This is a true luxury, being able to invest time and energy grasping the here and the now. To do so, I have created a database with over 200 media references in business, lifestyle, intelligence, technology, and sustainability. What do I collect? Weak signals, data, insights, patterns, innovations... Anything that can help me decipher what tomorrow holds.

  • Strategic Moodboards: Capturing the essence of concepts and behaviors through powerful curated images is my love language.


  • Trend Mapping: Things get exciting here—encapsulating the complex elements of a trend in a simplified visual map. The foundational structure of a trend map is designed to answer the following questions: What is this trend about? Who is entertaining it? Why now? How does this trend manifest? What does it imply?


  •  FieldworkExploring cities, cultures, and communities. From Sweden to Japan, all the way back to my hometown of Paris—I know that fieldwork and a wandering mind are the best allies to collect signals and connect the dots.


One of the most valuable components of these tools is their flexibility. I adapt the toolkit depending on the specificities and the objectives of the project I am working on.






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